CTC Vs CTY (Cost to you)

When an organization offers you any position, they primarily pay you to be “organized”. 

You might not take into account the hidden costs of getting “Organised”.

It starts with waking up. Sounds simple, but trust me this is so difficult for some people who are always “running late”.

Collaboration comes at a price depending on the type of team and culture you are working in. You have to adapt, adjust, listen, respond in a certain manner. It takes energy. 

Difficult people consume more energy.

An open workspace might be more distracting for some. The commute and distance matter more than ever. 

The communication intensity and frequency matter. How many emails you might have to write/ respond to on average to get a task done. 

Needless to mention the several compromises that you have to make on your career, core values, and overall wellbeing. 

These are all the intangibles that contribute to the break-up of your (Cost to you) CTY.

When your CTC < CTY, that’s where difficult questions haunt you.

Unfortunately, there is no right way to objectively measure the CTY. And there is no good way to estimate it before you join any job. 

People are not alarmed as long as CTC > CTY.

Once the equation changes, the countdown begins.

How long until your “body says no” is just a matter of time. 

This is where career transitions happen. 

This is where sabbaticals happen. 

This is when we start reviewing our purpose and beliefs. The only difference is that some do it just in time, some take forever, and many reach a point of no return. 🙂

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