About Me

Hi there!

Welcome to my Blog, my name is Alok . 

I mostly write about events that unfold around me. I love to express my contrarian take on conventional ways of life. If you have already read some of my articles, you would find I extensively write on dealing with reality, human idiosyncrasies, mindset and behaviors, early careers, education, technology and business.

That wide array of topics I cover is a direct consequence of me being an engineer who also happens to major in Operations and Marketing and currently working as a learning and development consultant for an IT firm.

I celebrate contrarianism with some reluctance because people don’t really like to consume contrarianism. They just hate it. 

But I really can’t help it. My only objective is to trigger thoughts. If I am able to influence you to think and question and if that eventually leads to some learning, then that’s a small victory.

If you want to have a little peek into my personal life, click here.

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I don’t write for a living but a few years back I did. 

I work as an L&D consultant and help grown-ups to learn better in an organizational setting.

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