Alok Kavthankar

Hi there!

Welcome to my Blog, my name is Alok and I am 34.

I work as an L&D consultant and help grown-ups to learn better in an organizational setting. That is what I do for a living but beyond that I do many things to manage life, relationships and overall happinness.

I am a runner, writer, husband, son, engineer, reader, creator of courses, video editor and a coach in the making. 

If you wish to have a little peek into my personal life, click here.

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Why you should subscibe to my blog?

I write about life, productivity, career and connect all these aspects in a manner that makes sense most of the times. 

These posts are 1 minute reads and have to potential to expand your perspective. 

How you can help me?

I am a budding coach and need to clock hours to my coaching practice. If you wish to connect feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn or Instagram.

How I can help you?

If you wish you discover yourself and know your self in a manner that adds value to your career or relationships or life, feel free to reach out to me.

I can help you specifically in the below areas:

  1. Getting things done
  2. Behavioral aspects that are blocking your progress
  3. Clarity and decisiveness


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