The three crucial competencies (pick any two)

These days everyone wishes to retire early. People in their 20s wish to retire in their 30s and people who are in their 30s wish to retire in their 40s.

Here are some of the common approaches that are all over the internet:

1. Generate passive income somehow through a side hustle
2. Invest consciously in risky instruments and keep on doing so till the returns match your expected income
3. Create content and monetize it
4. Create courses and sell them
5. Coach/ develop others
6. Influencing/ endorse products

How this is possible?

1. Internet: it allows you to act as an individual unit and connect with millions 
2. Platforms: LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Zoom, YouTube
3. Tech: Mobile, Laptops, Accessories 

How people in their 20s wish to retire in their 30s?

1. Create kickass content that goes viral
2. Invest in Bitcoin (or other risky instruments) and hope that Cryptocurrency rules the world in their 30s
3. Create organizations, processes, and systems that disrupt

How people in their 30s wish to retire in their 40s?

1. Use the skills they developed in their 20s and teach-back/coach
2. Invest in equity/SIP/small case(or relatively less risky instruments)
3. Build businesses that offer sustainable returns in the 40s
4. Invest in disruptive businesses (eg Tesla)

What people in their 20s might lack?

Focus/attention span, the value of perseverance, and patience

What people in their 30s might lack?

Exponential Mindset

Two broad themes emerge here:

1. Create/curate content and distribute it to the masses
2. Channelize your funds towards businesses/technologies that are promising 
(Pick one)

Three competencies that will make you win at this age:

1. Learning agility 
2. Financial Acumen
3. Creativity
(Pick any two)

Leave comments. 🙂


The other side of COVID

Until early last year, Everest Kanto Cylinders was an obscure small company manufacturing seamless steel cylinders to store oxygen, nitrogen etc.

Today, the share price of Everest Kanto Cylinders company surged by almost 20% 

1 year returns? Over 800%

You don’t need to be a scientist to figure out why this magic happened

Thanks to surging COVID cases 

Last week as I was enquiring for life insurance policies for me and my wife, I was told that Insurance premiums are bound to rise steeply. This was owing to steep rise in claim settlements.

It is interesting to see how the economy is accommodating the impending onslaught of COVID or similar events in the years to come

There are rumours that Zomato (a food delivery company) will be a $50 billion company in next 5 years

The organised restaurant chains would grow multifold

#Zoom Video Communications Inc is almost a 100 billion dollar organisation today

Last year around this time Zoom was worth $20 billion 

Am I trying to show you the positive side?

Not really

I am trying to appreciate the velocity at which world is trying to adapt and move on

Had it been 1921, it would have taken decades altogether to fight COVID-19

Let us hope for the best 🙂

Bernie Sanders Vs Entrepreuners

“We are at a time in #American history where two guys, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, own more wealth than the bottom 40% of the population of this country. That level of greed and inequality is not only immoral. It is unsustainable,”

This is how Bernie Sanders expressed his annoyance on Twitter.

Well, that logic is slightly flawed, here is why

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk hold huge amounts of stocks in their respective companies

Amazon was not profitable for more than a decade since its inception

Only in 2020, #Tesla reported a net income for the first time

This implies a significant amount of Bezos’ and Musk’s wealth is locked in the overpriced stocks of their respective organizations

For instance, Bezos owns 10% of #Amazon

Amazon is worth 1.5 trillion dollars

Who else owns these stocks?

Mostly the citizens of the USA.

These people have parked their hopes in these stocks. And since 50% of Americans hold stocks, you get the idea where the disparity in wealth comes from.

It comes from the “collective #greed” of millions of people

hence, it is not correct to hold #entrepreneurs accountable for wealth inequality 

I wish I could explain the Indian scenario with the same logic 🙂

What is the future of Theatre Chains?

I had to kill two hours before meeting someone.

I headed to a nearby mall, watching a movie was the best option.

I enquired at the #Inox ticket counter. There was just one option Wonder Woman 1984.

It was a weekday.

Bought a ticket for 99 Rs and selected the gold seat; a recliner at the very back. Back in the pre-#Covid days, this recliner was a luxury. 

Sir, if you add 40 Rs we offer Popcorn.

I declined. Popcorn in a theatre was gold too, back in the days.

Anyway, they checked my temperature and let me in. One of them asked me to download Arogya Setu if I haven’t done so.

A few minutes later, I was on the recliner.

There were only two other people in the theatre.

One guy was seated on the extreme left, the other on my extreme right.

Gal Gadot was spectacular but the movie was a disappointment. I had 0 expectations.

I tried to get some sleep on the recliner. I wish it had a massager too.

When I woke up, I lost the track of the plot.

Well, there was no plot, to begin with.

I stood up and stretched, wore my shoes, and left the facility.

I wondered how these theatre chains even break even in such times.

Still, they are running the show.

Hope? Or irrational optimism?

A long and painful wait till things turn around?


Evolution of Netflix and the Millennial Mindset

Evolution of Netflix in India and the millennial mindset.

2015: Rs 650 is too expensive. What are torrents for? 

2016: Let me try the one-month free option, I will binge-watch my favorite shows and then cancel my subscription.

2017: Let us share credentials, buy the 850 pack and divide among the 4 of us. What are friends for?

2018: This works! this is how you squeeze these services. Smart move eh!

2019: You know what, I will go solo. Just don’t want to share a password with random people. I need a feed that suits me. My viewer history matters so that I continue from where I have left. Moreover, I use Netflix on my iPad when I am on the move. I watch Netflix on like 4 devices. It is worth 650 Rs. 

2020: This works! Factoring in the inflation, 650 Rs is nothing as compared to 650 Rs back in 2015. This is a killer deal.

2021: I don’t really have all the time to consume Netflix but it doesn’t hurt to subscribe to it till eternity. It is a pain to unsubscribe and subscribe to it. I don’t even remember the last time I unsubscribed from Netflix.

Valuation of Netflix in 

2015: 40 Billion dollars
2021: 230 Billion dollars

Consumer behavior in a nutshell.


We park our hopes in PE ratios

When it comes to money, we, humans, are so fascinated with the unknown and the inexplicable.

Take Bitcoin for instance.

Most of us know that Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency that has appreciated a million folds over the years but you ask a random person how Cryptocurrency really works and you get a half-baked answer.

Stock markets are a similar story.

Tesla is trading somewhere around 1000 times its earnings. (PE ratio)

This means people are paying 1000 Rs for Every 1 Rs that Tesla earns today.

No wonder why Elon Musk is the second richest person in the world (richest a few weeks back).

Well, Coal India is trading somewhere around 6 times its earnings.

People are 1000 times more hopeful towards uncertainties around electric vehicles than coal, a resource that will remain a stable source of thermal power for most of the 21st century.

It is interesting.

PE ratios are interesting, it tells you where people are parking their hopes.

Back in 2013, Facebook’s PE was 110.

Today it is somewhere around 25.

You know where Facebook is heading.

Zoom Video Comm has a PE ratio of 150.

In July 2020 it was 1500 🙂

Sometimes, all you have to do is exist

Yesterday I received a call from Sharekhan. Sharekhan has been my stockbroker for almost a decade now. Anyway, it was good to hear a local dialect (Konkani) because the call was from Mapusa, Goa, my hometown. The lady wanted to know whether I would be interested in buying some MFs through Sharekhan. 

I politely declined and diverted the conversation to their core offerings, that is, brokerage charges on the stocks. 

Your brokerage is almost 5 times more than other brokerage firms, I said that laughingly. 

The response was funny. She said, we know sir, but there is hardly anything we can do about it. Firms like Zerodha are quite new and we won’t be able to match their prices.

I said, well, then why do you think I should stick with you?

She said because we have people to support you. (She meant service)

I asked a couple of more questions around the platform and the discussion was over.

I just reflected on the sorry state of some businesses that opened in 2000s :

#Sharekhan will never be able to match the brokerage of #Zerodha

#Crosswords will never be able to match the prices of #Amazon

Idea-Vodafone will never be able to match the unit #economics of #Jio

And yet they exist!

Think about it

Or maybe sometimes you only need to exist…


Of cross selling

If you want to experience #crossselling at its best, please visit your nearest bank branch

Don’t visit govt branches because these branches are just too busy updating passbooks, they don’t really have all the time for cross-selling

Visit a private branch and ask for anything you wish, you can even ask for water and there will be an executive assigned to you

Even before you tell her what you really want, she will explain to you two financial products that you have never heard of

In no time they will take a paper and start explaining to you the math behind annuities and compounding and crazy returns

Then you might just think that this sounds too good to be true

You are confused but smile anyway and ask for more details

By this time the junior exec has successfully enticed you into thinking that the product is just awesome

Now is the time for the senior executive to step in and take you into the bright future where you have all the money you want

By now you have completely forgotten why did you even visit the branch in the first place

Then some docs are flashed and you have to really do nothing but sign at 8 places


No, I did not reach the final stage, I saved myself. I am very intelligent

Advice: be assertive, say no, and be informed about financial products.

10% off!

At my previous workplace, there was a KFC on the ground floor.

It offered a 10% discount for people who worked at offices in that building.

You only had to ask for the discount, and the KFC staff would just swipe a special discount card before I offered my card for the payment.

I was not very regular but on the days when I skipped my usual lunch box, one would find me sitting quietly at a corner table, devouring the finger-licking good chicken.

I always preferred to go alone, that was my “me time”

Over a period of time, I started visiting more.

Few more months passed and the staff recognized me as a regular guy.

Sometimes I would go there to buy a light snack before having my lunch.

Few more days passed and I started feeling awkward to ask for the discount.

And then suddenly one day, I gave up on the discount and never asked for it.

I stopped valuing that discount.

And then eventually I became less frequent.

I explored some more places around.

Discovered some more good food-joints.

Discounts work.

Discounts work until they don’t.

Planned Obsolescence

Just watched the Apple Launch Event.
It is sad to see how everything is designed for planned obsolescence.
Do you know what is planned obsolescence?
Let me give you an example.
I love my Xbox 360.
I bought it on Quickr, right before the pandemic hit us.
The seller was just walking distance from my home.
He was happy to give me the Xbox+ some cool games at Rs 5000.
He was an avid gamer and owned two other PS consoles.
He said, “trust me, the Xbox has been used for less than 20 hours”.
It was a super deal. The device was in mint condition.
I played some of the classic first/third-person shooters, I put the rig to test.
Enjoyed every second of the experience.
The device was manufactured in 2011.
10 years and Xbox 360 technology is still relevant.
The Xbox 360 was not so much designed for planned obsolescence.
Planned obsolescence describes a strategy of deliberately ensuring that the current version of a given product will become out of date within a known time period. This proactive move guarantees that consumers will seek replacements in the future, thus bolstering demand.
Apple does this so subtly.
It is iOS that pushes older devices towards obsolescence 🙂