10% off!

At my previous workplace, there was a KFC on the ground floor.

It offered a 10% discount for people who worked at offices in that building.

You only had to ask for the discount, and the KFC staff would just swipe a special discount card before I offered my card for the payment.

I was not very regular but on the days when I skipped my usual lunch box, one would find me sitting quietly at a corner table, devouring the finger-licking good chicken.

I always preferred to go alone, that was my “me time”

Over a period of time, I started visiting more.

Few more months passed and the staff recognized me as a regular guy.

Sometimes I would go there to buy a light snack before having my lunch.

Few more days passed and I started feeling awkward to ask for the discount.

And then suddenly one day, I gave up on the discount and never asked for it.

I stopped valuing that discount.

And then eventually I became less frequent.

I explored some more places around.

Discovered some more good food-joints.

Discounts work.

Discounts work until they don’t.

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