The time and money game

All our life we struggle to balance these two resources: Time and Money

If all you have is time and little money, you might invest that time to make more money.

You try to be modest, reduce your activities, and seek discounts.

If you have all the money and little time, you might invest that money to buy some time for your hobbies, leisure, travel, and family.

You intensify your experience.

Live more in less time.

You spend a premium on travel, adventure, and buy special editions.

The third type: With all the money and all the time! They are a rare breed.

Also, there is the fourth kind, the ones who optimize the equation between the two resources and write self-help books on it.

The challenge is you always have to do a trade-off between the two

No resource can act as a proxy for time.

Nothing will act as a proxy for money.

But out of the two, time is a finite resource.

Your net worth will fluctuate, life will always give you opportunities.

But the world is designed to treat time as an infinite resource and money as a finite resource.

What do you think?

Reflect 🙂

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