Don’t wait for the pain

I feel nature has assigned a disproportionate intensity of pain to teeth-related issues. Your heart, for instance, is so supercritical and yet so obedient (true stoic), it only raises a red flag when it nears a life-and-death equation. People die of heart attacks. It is sudden.

But you can still live with all your teeth gone!

Yet, they constantly scream for attention. I learned it the hard way recently.

It was 1:00 am, and a sharp shooting pain in my left lower molar woke me up. It kept me awake for the next hour or so. The pain was 12/10. Why now? Why me? I have been diligent enough to brush my teeth twice a day.

A saltwater gargle offered some relief and I could get some sleep.

The next morning, I booked a dentist’s appointment. She had a quick look and said everything looks fine. The sensitivity was due to slight erosion. The tooth might need some treatment in the future but for now, there is no evidence that it needs immediate attention. She suggested Sensodyne Immediate relief.

Feeling relieved and happy, I headed home. Stopped at the pharmacy. I was surprised to discover the different variants of Sensodyne. I was convinced that the present toothpaste which happens to be Dabur Meswak doesn’t really serve the purpose (or maybe it does, who knows?). Decided to dump the old toothpaste. My preference changed overnight.

The chain of events was simple. Excruciating Pain. Immediate diagnostics. Action.

I wish this concept were true for other aspects of life.

Most of the time there is no pain.

If there is pain there are no diagnostics.

We don’t even reach action most of the time.

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