DIY and the death of Jobs

I recently bought a Wi-Fi booster. It is a simple device that you plug in and extends the range of your main Wi-Fi. As simple it might sound, it does need some very basic skills to set it up. 

First, go to YouTube.

Second, find a short video that gives step-by-step guidelines in a language that you understand.

Three, follow the steps.


There was one more approach.

First, scan the QR code on the box.

Second, download an App on your mobile.

Third, follow the steps to set up the Wi-fi booster.

Easy and neat. It took me around 10-15 minutes to get this done.

Had it not been for the guidelines, it was someone’s job to guide me through a customer support call. Youtube and the QR code eliminated that job. 

The same goes for creating your websites. WordPress has the ecosystem and community that enables you to set up a website in minutes.

I can assemble an Ikea chair with their instruction guide. That eliminates few wage hours that economy could offer to a person in need.

Do it yourself or DIY seems to be a bigger threat to jobs than automation.

Why is DIY possible?

A community that is ready to help for free (YouTube)

Technology (QR code)

And most importantly, you are ready to help yourself.

Isn’t that Atmanirbhar? 

Leave your thoughts!

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