Why predictable stories win?

Couple of weeks back I just binged watched Squid Games on Netflix. I am sure many of you have watched the show by now. Whenever I login onto Netflix, Squid Games is always trending. 

What is so different about Squid Games that makes it so engaging? How some people always get their storytelling equation right?

Isn’t Squid Games one of the most predictable shows out there?

You know what is going to happen from day 1, don’t you?

Who is going to win all that money and in what sequence people are going to die, we know it all.

But Squid Games doesn’t seem loose the grip on their audience ever.

Then what is working so well for Squid Games?

Well, it is not “what” is going to happen but “how” it is going to happen that matters.

We always wish to see how it is going to happen, how things are going to unfold.

Some character is going to die for sure, but how?

Someone is going to cheat, but how?

All stories are predictable. And Netflix has got the equation right.

Humans look forward for predictable plots. We love to see reruns. We love when heroes win and villains eat the dust. Predictability is the safest bet that producers take. 

Ok, apart from all that, there was one thing that has worked really well for Squid Games; high stakes

When the stakes are high, as high as life and death and obscene amount of money involved, the plot is usually foolproof. 

Money Heist worked on that principle.

I sometimes wonder why Bollywood/ Indian producers aren’t able to get the equation right. 

I don’t think Indian origin shows trend so much in other nations.

And the answer that comes to my mind is simple, they blatantly copy the “what” and also shamelessly copy the “how”. They play it too safe. Low risks, low returns. 🙂

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