A smart phone is all you need to start a business

Do you want to start a business? All you need is a mobile phone.

Take real estate agents, for instance, they manage their business on WhatsApp.

I have a running coach who manages all his operations through his iPhone 4.

He uses Team Link a free alternative to Zoom to train us.

He accepts payments through G-Pay.

Yesterday I learned about a founder who maxed out his 5 credit cards to manage his working capital.

I am sure you know Jose Covaco (Hoezayy) from MTV fame. In an interview, he mentioned that he uses his mobile phone to shoot and edits his videos on the phone.

Then why people obsess around websites, workstations, fancy equipment, and finance and jargon?

Because people just love doing that. People are more passionate about the “identity” of an entrepreneur than entrepreneurship. 

What do you think?

Note: I was able to identify these examples because I recently finished reading ReWork, highly recommended for those who want to understand #entrepreneurship, especially the #frugal side of it.

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