There is no free advice

Last week, my left eye developed redness

Google made me more paranoid. Too much information.

It was high time, the redness did not recede after a couple of days. Hence I booked an appointment on #Practo.

The doctor looked at the image of my eye and asked a couple of questions. 

After which he declared it was Episcleritis 

My heart skipped a beat

Is it dangerous Doctor, I asked.

Not at all he said 

He prescribed eye drops and that was it

What if the redness sustains? 

Don’t worry it is common. Get back to me after 5 days.

I used the eye drops for two days and my eyes were normal

The doctor gave me advice with accountability attached to it

Very much unlike the free advice available online

The doctor’s advice came at a modest price though

We live in a time where free advice is all over the internet. 

But where is the accountability?

Well, you don’t need to have any #accountability because the advice is free right?

For instance, people who offer stock market tips have no skin in the game, do they even buy stocks that they recommend?

LinkedIn is no different, free advice is all over the place because stakes are so low for those who offer that advice. 

It is not their fault, the internet makes it easy 

What do you think? 


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