India’s COVID wave : Think before blaming the governments

Our healthcare system was always broken. Let us think before we blame the governments. 

It is our collective mindset at play here.

Let us understand why Healthcare or for that matter any industry thrives?

We all know the answer; strong demand drives industries and organizations to grow.

Healthcare is expensive. And only the rich can afford the best healthcare in India.

But what about the poor and the middle class?

Well, the truth about any service is that someone has to pay for it.

And no one is ready to pay for healthcare in India.

People prefer to delay treatments and avoid visits to hospitals. 

They believe in Jugaad. Or suffering. Or both. 

But here is a universal truth.

The backbone of any national healthcare system is not governance.

It is the health #insurance sector. 

The private health Insurance coverage in India is just 3%.

In the US it is around 70%.

With no insurance, people don’t prioritize their health concerns unless they are extremely critical.

So why invest in a #healthcare capacity, when it doesn’t make any business sense.

We as people of this nation never prioritized health.

The doctor-population ratio in India is 1:1456 against the #WHOrecommendation of 1:1000.

Why it is such a surprise that this covid wave is a shock to the system?

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