The Onslaught of Credit Card Calls

The onslaught of credit card calls. I am sure you are facing it every day.

It is relentless. Imagine in 2021, a human voice is cheaper to hire than a robocall.

In India, you could pay some youth Rs 500-1000/day and make him or her do hundreds of calls.

I wonder what could be the conversion ratio here?

Is it even efficient? 

The system never learns, unlike some algorithm that might target a different set of potential customers.

Duplication of data. The same bank might call you four times a week.

I don’t think the inefficiency is because of a lack of automation, India provides software automation solutions to the world.

The inefficiency is because of the easy availability of cheap resources.

A human resource willing to call 100 people a day is more economical than the pursuit for selling financial products through creative marketing and advertising or automated calls.

Sometimes I feel the developing world is slower towards progress because we want to preserve jobs and create more jobs.


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