Creating Vs Coordinating

Some advice for people in their early #careers

There are two types of opportunities in this world

Creating and coordinating

Creating is for those who appreciate originality, those who like to think and apply

Copywriting, coding, drawing, designing, building, developing, solving

Co-ordinating is a different world all-together 

It is all about managing resources, selecting #resources, and aligning resources.

Scheduling, conducting meetings, talking, listening, influencing, negotiating, taking notes, enabling, planning, organizing, calendarizing

While creating is celebrated more in books and movies, coordinating takes a backseat 

Terms like innovative, out of the box, free and radical are associated with creating

Terms like mundane, boring, soul-sapping work get associated with co-ordinating

Unfortunately, there are more opportunities for coordinating 

Because the world works that way

The economy tolerates mediocrity in coordination

The #economy has zero-tolerance for mediocrity in the creation

Mediocre creators are punished by the economy

Mediocre co-ordinators simply survive

Excellent co-ordinators excel much faster than excellent creators 

And it is easy to be a mediocre coordinator because there are just too many of them

Decide what you want to become 🙂

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