Think before you take a break!

Here is what happens when you take a break.

Last year I got very consistent at writing on #LinkedIn.

Wrote hundreds of posts, organic reach on my website spiked-up.

I inspired a few, met awesome people here.

I received some very good feedback on the way I write and put my ideas across.

Somewhere in October, I decided to take a small break, I thought I “deserve” it.

That small break derailed everything for me.

Eventually, it led to a hiatus in my flow and consistency.

I could have developed so much more.

I am less curious now than I was back then.

I am less creative now than I was back then.

The break made a small dent in my belief system.

Consistency drives the wheel of our belief system.

Consistency is like the law of inertia; an object in motion stays in motion.

The moment you halt/take a break, things fall apart.

Our life is no different.

Think before you take a break.

Think before you take a career break.

Think before you take a break from your exercise routine.


A small break in your #routine can make you fall apart.

It can derail your belief system and can make you a different person altogether. 

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