The best culture book in the world

In 2012, Valve’s handbook for new employees got leaked.

It had hilarious illustrations and step-by-step guideline for new employees to understand various aspects of Valve’s #culture.

For those of you who may not have heard of Valve, I bet you must have played their video games like Half-Life and Portal.

I love reading culture books and slide decks.

Last week when I found Valve’s book, I felt like I have struck gold.

And because I am so much interested in organizational structures these days, I found a fresh perspective and some food for thought.

Excerpt from the book below:

“Welcome to flatland: Hierarchy is great for maintaining predictability and repeatability. It simplifies planning and makes it easier to control a large group of people from the top down, which is why military organizations rely on it so heavily.”

As I eagerly read through more pages, I realized how they have built a unique culture, appraisals, compensation system, etc.

There are interesting facts where they illustrate why their desks have wheels and how to make the best use of their vacation policy.

It is a must-read for all curious minds who long for utopian and egalitarian workplaces and also those of you (and me) who think they do not exist. 🙂

(The link for the pdf )

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