Dream Company? what’s that?

Did you ever aspire for a dream company?

What is a dream company? And what are the parameters?

I remember a conversation that I had with the director at my B-school.

I was the placement rep and we were having some discussions around placement season.

Somewhere in the conversation, I said “ All the good companies will go by then”.

The director retorted “ define a good company to me”.

And I was left speechless.

7 years later, I have some clarity.

Most people in their early careers long for dream companies.

And the parameters are pretty straightforward; brand, money, growth opportunities, etc

But most dream companies are dream companies because they have a good brand

And more often than not this “brand” is created through the awesome products/services that the company offers

Does that mean any company that has awesome products and services and buzz in the market should qualify as an awesome workplace or a dream company?

I don’t think so.

After all, you will be working with people that follow some processes under some leadership.

These three elements will be common everywhere.

A good/dream company might be awesome in one of the areas but not all.

And a dream is no longer a dream when it comes true 🙂

Realities might be starkly different from the dream.


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