There no difference between people who are employed and those who are self-employed

There is no difference between people who are employed and those who are self-employed.
The common denominator here is the term “employed”.
Self-employed sounds fancy because it has a certain sense of freedom attached to it.
Employed doesn’t sound so fancy because it has a dogma of confinement attached to it.
Whether employed or self-employed you just trade your time for money.
You are in the market selling your services.
You have to manage your time and remain accountable.
Many people use self-employed and #entrepreneurship interchangeably.
But being self-employed and entrepreneurial pursuits are two different things.
Lately, there is a big buzz around the #freelancing economy.
Please don’t get carried away.
A self-employed person may not have an #entrepreneurial #mindset at all.
One may lack risk-taking attitude, business acumen, resourcefulness, and all those quintessential entrepreneurial qualities that you may be aware of.
Employment brings that certainty, feeling of community or belongingness, and the comfort that you are not vulnerable to the vagaries of the market.
I would urge you to explore the aspects of employment before you deep dive into the world of self-employment.
To conclude, self-employment is not always the answer to your repulsion towards regular #employment.

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