The price of organizing

Want to work for a big organization?

First, get organized.

If you are in your early career, you get paid for waking-up on time, dressing-up, daily commute, adjusting, prioritizing, being responsive to clients (external/internal), adapting; basically organizing as per the need of the organization.

Formal and mature organizations want you to be “organized”.

They are like big nations with strong rules in place.

Want to quit? think again, there are lengthy exit formalities and long notice period.

Let us look at young organizations.

Start-ups don’t demand such organization skills because they are still figuring out their own direction.

They are like newly formed nations with cool culture.

But they need extreme, speed, agility, and extreme ownership because there is no one to monitor you.

You could be hired and fired on the same day.

You are either part of the tribe or just an outlier.

But you don’t need to be so organized.

And hence you let go the premium you get for “organizing”.

You can join and quit a start-up like a free bird.

Want to abscond? suit yourself.

PS: I don’t advise that.

One response to “The price of organizing”

  1. Experiment, discover and settle..
    Startups provide opportunities to experiment and discover however large organisations provides, security and stability.. not always though..


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