Your kid could be on the next flight to Silicon Valley, USA!

Your kid could be on the next flight to Silicon Valley, USA!

WhiteHat Jr says that on its website.

Some reflection:

Last year, I had enrolled for Python #coding at a local code training institute.

I wanted to learn Python for data science.

During my engineering, I had learned some coding unwillingly.

I hated it then, why do mechanical engineers need coding?

I did not build any application, there was no purpose except for passing in coding subjects.

In 2018, I had a purpose to crunch some data and satiate my curiosity. I happily learned some python and R.

I had a #purpose

Every new skill development should be a purpose-driven endeavor.

If you miss the purpose, you miss the big picture.

A kid flying to Silicon Valley and visiting some company might be an outcome.

Working for a company in Silicon Valley could be an outcome.

What if you are the best coder and yet don’t get an opportunity to make it big?

Well, the dream sold to you might fail to rescue you then.

But your purpose will keep you aligned to your True North.

In India, we are sold dream driven education.

It is really difficult to sell something keeping the purpose in mind.

You can sell #dreams for aspirational products.

But please don’t make education aspirational.

It is a need, make it affordable 🙂

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