Netflix has a “No Vacation Policy”

Netflix has a “No vacation Policy”

No, it is not what you are thinking.

On the contrary, the policy empowers employees to decide when to work and when to take a break. In fact, they don’t need a vacation policy.

This morning I was listening to the Podcast where Reed Hastings, the founder of Netflix was describing this policy.

The host asked him:

How come the policy is not abused by your employees?

To that, Reed said, you cannot micromanage and monitor and set so many rules for people.

Employees are just told “ Act in Netflix’s best interest”.

Come to think of it, what is the secret ingredient of culture at Netflix?

Well, it boils down to trust.

I believe that “trust” alone can solve many problems.

The sad part is people try to replace trust by active monitoring.

But in return, we are increasing our own problems.

Friction, burnout, setting wrong expectations, lack of work-life balance.

As humans, the moment we remove trust from the equation, we fall apart.

And I am sure, the best and the most innovative organizations across the world have a very high #trust index

The happiest families would have trust as a foundational value.

Happiest relationships and bonds are built around trust.

It is easy to be metric-driven, tell me how many organizations that are six sigma and process excellence champions make it to the most innovative list?


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