How the ultimate truth has lost its value

Harvard still charges $50000 for undergraduates to watch lectures on Zoom.

Does it make sense?


There is a shift in the platform. Just because things move from physical to digital should they lose value?

Some renowned companies are aggressively reducing salaries across the globe.

Does it make sense?


What happened to the “shift in the platform” logic?

Well, everything in this world makes sense. It is the way you justify it.

You might attribute the Harvard case to the inelastic nature of education as a product. (refer economics)

You might compare the aggressive pay cuts to global slowdown and reduction in discretionary spending.

Someone might justify it through research on “The fall of collective bargaining power post COVID”

Everything in this world is easily justifiable.

We are falling into a deep trap of confirmation bias.

Partly the reason is information overload and internet.

Suddenly everyone is so right that the ultimate truth has lost its value.

Everyone is making so much sense at the same time.

Is there a way out?


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