Bollywood is ripe for disruption!

Bollywood has a powerful way to distort reality and yet influence millions.

Look at how the urban rich are depicted in our movies.

They are shown in good light, prosperous, kind, self-made.

Big white mansions and luxury cars.

Look at how rural rich are shown in our movies.

Corrupt, backward, regressive thinking, and oppressive demeanor.

Big Havelis and SUVs

And everyone believes that!

Given its tiny existence, Bollywood has a disproportionate influence on us.

Bollywood can influence millions of people to believe in a distorted reality.

Bollywood is tiny, roughly $2B per year revenue.

Apple earns that kind of money in a day.

Avengers Endgame’s total collection exceeds that.

Bollywood can do wonders for India, it can make movies that can tell the world what India is all about; technological advancements, cultural revolutions, rich mythology, rich diversity, history.

And yet it is stuck in the quagmire of nepotism, dumb scripts, family businesses, patriarchy, short-sightedness, and scams.

How come no one has the vision?

Why the VCs and the brightest minds fail to see that Bollywood is ripe for disruption?

How come there are no acquisitions and mergers when it comes to Bollywood?

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