Digital Slaves

I can only offer you one thing on this platform.

And that is information.

You can offer me only one thing in return.

And that is Information.

You can like and comment.

Or you might just read and do nothing.

But your inaction is also an information.

Everything is stored somewhere.

Perhaps the ferromagnetic storage discs on some server farm in Finland.

A layer after layer of information is built over time.

Our thoughts, our whims our preferences.

Ideas and conversations all are neatly stacked.

We are like neo masons of the digital world.

But we are not paid to do this.

Just like the slaves in ancient Egypt who built the Pyramids.

Then why are we even doing this?

We are investing time, money, and energy in building these digital identities.

Digital devices and the internet is not cheap.

We exist more on storage discs owned by Amazon Web Services.

And less in our own minds.

If you want to relive a moment, you might go to Instagram.

Instead of retrieving that moment in your own mind.

We are slowly growing on server farms.

But what is the endgame here?

Digital eternity?

Comment and share your thoughts.


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