Apple is more about innovation and less about its employees

I feel Apple subtly underplays the role of its employees in driving innovation

let me explain
I know we all love Apple Inc for its products
When we think Apple we think innovation
But what about all those people who make innovation possible?
For many years Apple was headed by a charismatic leader
His charisma was such that it shadowed the true efforts of others
Some of you must have seen the Apple launch video yesterday
Apple launch events also expose you to its senior leadership
Leaders passionately talk about new products
While watching the video I wondered how come we never imagine and hear the stories of people who practice innovation at Apple
And when I saw, Lori Malm, director of Apple Services presenting an exciting array of offerings, I couldn’t resist but search her profile on LinkedIn
And to my surprise, Lori Malm happened to be a grape grower for 10 years before joining Apple
I visited some more profiles curious to know more about people at Apple
But why was I so curious about people at Apple?
Maybe I don’t know a lot about the culture at Apple
because it is under-marketed
unlike the #culture at #Google or Tesla for that matter
I feel Apple is a little quiet when it comes to #employee#branding
Again, I might be completely wrong here
What do you think?

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