What long drives can teach you about decision fatigue

Yesterday, I drove 450km from Goa to Pune. Long drives can teach you about decision fatigue like no other activity

The stakes are high, one wrong decision can change your life

There are numerous decision factors

Blind curves, overtaking, changing gears to match torque

Missing potholes, cows, dogs, and numerous strange objects
Stopping at petrol stations, which lane to take at toll booths, where to stop for lunch and bio breaks

And most importantly navigation, should you trust the GPS or your spouse?

Then there are mini decisions; using wiper, should I put it on? C’mon it is only drizzling!

Should I put on the AC or take the fresh air

Fuel economy matters

Rumblers and speed breakers, you miss one and you will hear your co-passengers yell at you

All this while constantly looking at the three mirrors

Constantly pushing the accelerator, brake, and clutch with your two feet

Decisions, decisions, and some more decisions

Until you feel the fatigue

Your mind numbs

And then you feel like giving up

Yesterday I may have taken more decisions than a typical CEO has taken during his day

Decision fatigue eventually leads to bad decisions

Want to outsource?

Well, that has a price tag, depending on whom you are outsourcing it to a Pilot or a Chauffer

The best cars in the world are designed in such a way that you don’t decide much

Automatic gearing, steering, traction control, adaptive cooling, the list goes on

But again there is a premium

You always have to pay a price if you want to reduce the decision burden on your shoulders

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