Breaking Stereotypes through cognitive dissonance

When people ask me, ohh you are from Goa?

They expect to hear some crazy adventures.

In their minds, I am already a Pedro or Daniel.

I live in an old Portuguese ancestral home by the sea.

I drink like a fish and party everyday wearing colorful shirts.

I am an exuberant and talkative person who wouldn’t mind.
to guide them during their stay

I know Goa like the back of by hand.

Well, not everyone takes the liberty to think like that but some do.

And I totally understand that.

Stereotypes are shortcuts made by people to decide faster.

Over the years I have found a way to deal with such people.

I have researched some popular places and things people like to do in Goa.

That basic information is helpful, and I don’t hesitate to give that in detail.

But if they are still not satisfied I steer the conversation in the following direction.

I try to insert esoteric topics like why Goa supports so many dogs per sqm.

I tell them that I am an occasional drinker and hate Feni, the local drink.

I plan to quit drinking and I find dancing very awkward.

In the next moment, they go through a mild cognitive dissonance.

I believe it stays with them and makes a small dent on their stereotype.

Perhaps they give khaki golf pants to their Pedro and live with it.

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