beaches after lockdown

Calangute beach is like a Mecca for domestic tourists.

Calangute Beach

I have overheard tourists asking for Calangute-Baga (adjacent beaches), the moment they land in Goa.

As we reached there today we were welcomed by 20 odd stray dogs howling randomly.

After walking a kilometer or so towards Baga, I caught the sight of a man, I believed he was clicking something on the ground, perhaps a shell or a dead fish.

As I passed him, he was actually pouring fresh water from his sipper on a live frog that was not moving.

A few meters ahead I saw a life-guard telling an old man to back-off.

The man was just standing there at a safe distance looking at the sea.

Had it not been for COVID, we could have seen the lifeguard dealing with more serious matters.

There were boats used for motorsports parked upside down.

All shacks were closed.

All this while I only saw two tourists, the old man looking at the sea and the man looking at the frog.

On my way back I saw a liquor shop, a board read “No mask, no Liquor”.

I was surprised to see a big shop selling Goan merchandise.

I loved the optimism of the owner.

I bought a 100 Rs Goa T-shirt for no reason.

Then headed home, ate fish curry that my mom cooked and took a long nap.

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