ROI of content on LinkedIn

What if I tell you it is not worth #writing#content on Linkedin? You won’t believe me right?

Caution: I will flaunt some basic finance here, please bear with me

Let us calculate the ROI of the content that we write on Linkedin

An avg post is 150 words

Assume standard billing rate of Rs1 per word

Rs150 per post

Let’s say you write two posts per day and spend two additional man-hours commenting and engaging with readers

Your daily opportunity cost of doing this ranges between Rs 500 – 700

Opportunity cost: a wage that you deserve if someone pays you for writing on Linkedin

Monthly opportunity cost is Rs 20k

Organizations usually spend 5% of revenue on marketing/admin/promotions

By that logic, if you are a business, your monthly take-home should be Rs 4 lacs!! wow!

Then why the heck do we write content on LinkedIn?

First reason: we chase vanity metrics
1 like = 1 unit of dopamine release

Reason two: We don’t see writing content as an “opportunity cost” or an expense

We see it as an investment that would give exponential returns

But all investments are subjected to market risks, right?

The burning question still remains to be answered: Why the heck do we write on Linkedin?

I know this post is heavy, please DM or comment if you need clarity

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