People on Linkedin love deseeded watermelons.

Have you heard about Broetry?

Let us deal with Broetry first.

What you are reading now is a Broetry.


Yes! You are reading a Broetry!

One word. One Line. So much white space.

Very neat.

Every post you read is an investment.

Investment of your time and attention.

No one wants to process anything.

Processing has a cost.

It is a cognitive load after a long Monday.

Every time you click a see more button, you take a risk.

Will this person deliver on his promise?

He said something about deseeded watermelons.

He mentioned something about Broetry.

Well, I did.

If you have come so far you have devoured the deseeded watermelon.

Perhaps you have opened a new browser and searched for Broetry.

I have taken a minute of your time, perhaps more.

I can’t believe you are still reading this Broetry.

It is nothing but Broetry!

I have fallen prey to many such Broetrys

But that is the way how it works here

Digital space has no value

Wow! can’t believe I have not consumed my 1300 characters yet!

Ohh, you are still with me?

Have you noticed I am not using full stops anymore

Ok, let us end this

Leave a comment!

Because I know you have a say in this


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