What if Linkedin had a dislike button?

What if Linkedin had a dislike button?

You get a dislike on your post but you don’t know who has disliked it.

I know that will be a nightmare.

It is easy to dislike stuff, but don’t you think even disliking is a type of engagement?

Linkedin makes it difficult for people to simply dislike.

If you don’t like something you have to be vocal about it in the comment section

But I have seen very few (maybe 5-10%) people on Linkedin being critical around the stuff they don’t like

People find it tough to be assertive on this platform

If someone disagrees with some idea, they simply walk away

But every assertion need not transcend into a conflict

Assertiveness is a value, you don’t need to be a rabble-rouser but just put your point across

Who knows that might lead to some learning

This post was inspired by a discussion with a gentleman who challenged my argument of using statistics for dealing with anxiety in one of my previous post

He is a psychologist and gave a very detailed and assertive view of what he thinks

There was learning there, he was able to influence me with knowledge 🙂

Please share your thoughts


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