Menstrual Leaves, very progressive, but…

Zomato introduced menstrual leaves, very progressive and inspiring.

But let us reflect on the history of menstrual leaves. Japan has had Menstrual leave since WW2. A school in Kerala introduced menstrual leave in 1912.

What took us so long to make it mainstream?

An old article in the Atlantic (link in comments) states that even in countries with well-intentioned menstrual leave policies, many women don’t feel comfortable taking it.

It further contends that menstruation is not debilitating for 80% of women.

So will 10 menstrual leaves a year make things better?

That deserves deep research

Only a longitudinal observation will help here

The Internet offers us disproportionate hyper-awareness about changes that happen around us.

That clouds critical thinking

What if for 51% of women menstrual leave is not a priority?

What if all they want is fair and equal pay and a culture of trust: These two aspects remain elusive for most of the organizations

Again that is a research question

Think, reflect and share your views

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