Calming your nerves using statistics

Probability of dying in an airplane disaster is 0.000001% (1 in a million)

Probability of dying in a car crash is :

0.0001% (1 in 10000)

We have disproportionate fears attached to fatal events that we are vulnerable to

Back at college, I was having a discussion with an old professor

He asked me “ Alok, why are you so afraid of riding a bike?

I replied I think I will die in a bike crash, it is fear that I can’t overcome

Prof asked me, don’t you believe in statistics?

I smiled and changed the topic

but nothing changed over the years

I still don’t ride bikes, but I have a license

Every time I fly and there is turbulence, I convince my reptilian brain with the logic of probabilities

There is some relief

It works, calms me down (especially after binge-watching all those air crash investigations on Nat Geo, I am a fan)

It is so strange how our rudimentary brain works, there is no cure for the anxious brain

You can give it numbers or you can give it chemicals when things get chronic

But I would still recommend numbers, try it 🙂

Please give your thoughts

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