How do we really see the world?

How do we see the world?

Through our eyes of-course, but how do we really see the world?

We see the world through our mind

Look outside, the blue of sky, the green trees and colorful houses

How do we know things are green, blue or yellow?

Well, we are taught to identify those colors in kindergarten 

Imagine no one told you anything about colors while you were growing up

Would you still identify them? Of-course!

You would take some time but your brain would identify trees with green, except the fact that there will be no “label” green

Education gives us labels and makes us understand how those labels work

Trees are green, trees and their classification, trees and photosynthesis, the cells of trees, so on and so forth

Eventually things become very complex, education can only do so much

Now that the labels or building blocks are there in place, your mind has to make sense out of complex reality

The mind manufactures lenses to see the world and the building blocks are labels

For instance, a layman and a person who has learnt film making will appreciate the same movie at different levels

The person who las learnt filmmaking has different labels, he understands plots and acts and lighting, screenplay and cinematography

For the common mind, movie is a monolith which can only give binary outputs; good and bad

For the studied mind, the same movie has different layers of gray, each character is different, each scene succeeds and fails for different reasons

To sum it up, we see the world through our minds. To see and understand the world deeper and better, we just need to build the right lenses. The default view is just plain sight, you need add-ons to make meaning out of the plain sight.

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