You just need to ask for help

Last week I banged my knee against the door. It hurt badly. I laid down on the bed in a fetal position and shouted curses.

It took a day for the mild pain to recede

A few days back I had an altercation with a loved one

I was upset and negative feelings ensued

My feeling brain had hit on a sharp object and it was hurt

but then it recovered

The rational brain was silently observing all this

It knew all the steps which my feeling brain would undergo to heal itself, just like it did when I hurt my knee

Our rational brain is like a parent who knows how his/her kid will react and recover in the face of pain, rejection, and failure

But the parent can do little to help, it can only assure that things will get better

The kid is like the feeling brain, it doesn’t want to believe in logic

Imagine when the kid takes control of the parent

A hijack situation

Then you need help, perhaps an external intervention

But the question is would the parent ask for help? 🙂

How should the parent communicate? what would people think? How would the neighbors react?

Then the never-ending battle continues..


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