Imagining salaries in India

Here is an interesting exercise to estimate #salaries in India

Let us do some easy math, ready?

Let us take TCS as a use case:

Why? By far, TCS is one of the best #IT organizations in India with a global footprint

As of March 2020, TCS had 448,464 employees, the largest employer in India!

And its net revenues stood at 131306 crores

If you do the math, revenue per employee at TCS is Rs. 29 lac

Most IT organizations have 50% as employee expenses

Hence, for every rupee that TCS generates 50 paise goes towards employee salaries

50% of 29 lac is 14.5 L. A big chunk of TCS employee pool are young engineers

The average age of TCS employee is 28 years

Does that mean a 28-year-old employee in TCS earns 14.5 L? Not really, because we don’t have an age distribution

But you have a ballpark figure now

When it comes to rural India, a small marginal farmer earns approx 1L per year (link in comments)

The moment you decide to earn an engineering degree and move to the city you have an opportunity to boost your income to 14X as compared to a farmer

Fair game? Give your comments

Note: Used publicly available TCS data


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