Being thyself vs acting

This post might offend some movie buffs

Here is a one-line review for the movie Shakuntala Devi:

In the biographical movie Shakuntala Devi, Vidya Balan plays Vidya Balan


When it comes to Bollywood, the lead actors and actresses take “be yourself” too seriously

“Being yourself” and “acting” are mutually exclusive unless it is a reality show or the movie Fan where Shahrukh Khan plays himself

C’mon, you can’t be yourself if you are acting

Only child actors are allowed to be themselves in movies, why?

Because we want them to behave like children, no?

If you look at the trend, all successful actors like to be themselves instead of getting into the character in the script

Then the plots and budget revolves around their fame and grandiosity

Anyway, this phenomenon is not too different from how we progress in our own personal lives

We “act” a certain way to please others in our early careers, sometimes we can’t afford to be ourselves to make bonds

As we climb up the ladder and become successful we just relax and can afford to unleash our true self

Successful people have to be themselves to thrive but they should spare movies 🙂


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