Has Linkedin disrupted traditional blogging?

Imagine #Linkedin as a local food court and we all own stalls here. Our Linkedin profile is our stall and the #content we offer is the cuisine

We all sell Continental, Punjabi, Italian, Pani Puri, Momos, Biryani and Maggi

Linkedin food court gets millions of footsteps, some are foodies and some are not. Some love Maggi and a few stop at the continental joint

You offer delicious Biryani and generate decent sales through your stall on Linkedin (views, #engagement, etc)

With every engagement, you also tell your customers that listen “I have one more stall (your personal blog) just 2km from the Linkedin foodcourt, pls visit(click) it and let me know what you think”

Here is the problem, though you have a good spread of delicious menu to offer on the stall outside Linkedin foodcourt, it is a pain for people to go there

It is fun to be on Linkedin, all the glitzy blue, people hanging around and the opportunity to make network or try that new Kulfi stall

That’s the value proposition of Linkedin, stickiness factor!

Linkedin doesn’t want people to go outside

If you are not able to engage people here, forget about your blog!

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