Learn to reduce the activity of your brain

Brain is a power hungry muscle. It churns out thousands of thoughts and action per day. In the back-end it is responsible for millions of things that we are not even aware of. But what fatigues it the most is overthinking, over-analyzing , projecting bad memories in an endless loop and being anxious of the future. And this is how we distract our brain: watching cat videos, listening to music, drinking alcohol in some extreme cases taking drugs and building an alternate consciousness.

However, we all try to mute the “activity” of your brain with some other “activity”. Either we tune-up our senses like hearing, seeing, feeling or we introduce chemicals in our brain that either numb the brain or fool it to develop alternate conscious for a while. Come to think of it, how all the activities mentioned above are given to you by the world, essentially other people who want to make some money. Loud music in discos, engaging videos, illegal substances, alcohol, television, etc.

Have you ever wondered what could be the best gift bestowed upon mankind to reduce the brain activity?

Sleep, yes sleep! the power of sleep has been always undermined. But, there is one more thing that has been made widely popular; meditation. However, unlike sleep, meditation remains elusive to the lesser mortals.

But there is one more free activity that reduces the unnecessary activity of the brain and that is exercise! Now we all know that exercise releases all the good hormones but we don’t exactly know why our body releases all those good hormones after a good run or cardio. I think the answer is simple, moving your body, pumping your heart and using your muscles to their fullest potential is the signal to our reptilian brain that everything is fine. That was exactly the activity that our body was meant to do.

I think our attempt should be to make our ancient brain happy. Many a times we ignore our ancient brain and just feed the intellectual and evolved brain. We feed the modern brain with images and data and music. We worship it, and when the modern brain is not fed it gives is reasons to be sad because it doesn’t have the control to release the happy hormones. So you feed it with external substances to feel happy but that cycle goes on. Focus on ancient brain, worship it! read (Triune Brain)

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