You are not exactly doing what you were trained to do?

Are you an Engineer, Geologist, Literature major, Finance major, Botanist?

And you are not exactly doing what you were trained to do?

Not your fault

We are all entangled in the trap of #Taylorism and how it shaped our education system

What is Taylorism?

The principles or practice of scientific management and work efficiency

Translates to: reward obedience and embrace repetitive tasks

The Taylor system demanded specialists because specialized people do specialized stuff day in and day out and that leads to efficiency

And hence our education system developed the “batch” production process. Here the products were students

Our education system was designed to “mass-produce” specialists and not “mass-customize” multidisciplinary individuals

Eventually, there was an excess supply of mass-produced specialists for the economy to absorb

Hence, Mechanical #Engineers, ended-up coding and Botanist majored in Finance to work at the Wall Street

But Taylor was right then, the world badly needed efficiency

However, our #education system continues to mass-produce specialists when the world actually needs multi-disciplinary individuals

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