Direction and Impact is all you need

Usually, people struggle with two aspects when it comes to having a purposeful, #happy and #successful life

1. Finding a direction
2. Creating an impact: making it big in that direction

Direction: Knowing that you just love to play cricket and you are going to make a living out of it

Impact: Playing for your country

Direction gives you a sense of purpose

The magnitude of your impact gives you a feeling of accomplishment and happiness

Without a direction, the possibility to make it big is almost 0

Unless you are just lucky

To achieve their wild dreams, people without a direction often seek shortcuts and random approaches (it is their strength or risk-taking aptitude)

Very few succeed out of sheer luck; right time, right place and big dreams

People with direction strive to create that impact all their lives; some are able to create modest success stories and some definitely make it big

You will hear more popular stories about people without a clear direction who make it big (rags to riches, lost causes, serendipity).

Those stories are really interesting, everyone wants to believe that anything can happen.

The problem is no one wants to talk about direction and #purpose yet everyone wants to make it big

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