Bollywood: La Familia

Why is the family business model so prevalent in #Bollywood? If we thoroughly answer this question, we might get some cues on why #nepotism is so rampant in Bollywood

Bollywood is small. Yes very tiny for the disproportionate influence it has on us. The estimated size of Bollywood is $3B per year. Just to give you a perspective, Avengers End Game collected $3B worldwide.

Small and fragmented industries are not able to pull capital from big investors or production companies. Why risk your capital on something tiny and uncertain?

Then who has the risk appetite to invest in risky and fragile concepts of Bollywood? You are right! family businesses

Standard practices/decision making/hiring in any business depends on what kind of capital the business uses. Study how venture capitalists manage their investments, you will get an idea.

The moment it is a #familybusiness, it is up to their discretion to decide how they manage their business and how they hire, retain, or fire talent.

To conclude, here is a definition of Nepotism pasted from Google
Nepotism (noun): The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs

Connect the dots 🙂

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