Inbetweeners : How to define funny?

If there is one show that tickles my funny bone to the core, it has to be the Inbetweeners. And I reflected on why things are so funny in this show. Inbetweeners is a coming of age dark/absurd/sex comedy that revolves around 4 blokes. Now there are umpteen shows in this genre that I don’t care to recall.

But here is what Inbetweeners so funny

  1. Element that slaps general morality and assumptions: For example, a joke on a person with a disability. It is morally wrong to make joke on a disabled person. But have you wondered how that person would react to a joke on him/her? What if a disabled person turns out to be an asshole? or a perv?

General morality and assumption: You shouldn’t make fun of people with disabilities

Scope for comedy : A twisted disabled person is uncommon and hence it is OK to laugh at an absurd joke

2. Elements that you find very embarrassing under certain circumstances surroundings: Eg: Shitting in your pants in an examination hall will naturally qualify as one of the most embarrassing event for an adult or a teen for that matter.

Very embarrassing : Shitting in pants

Add a situation: Examination hall

Scope for comedy: Shitting in pants+Examination hall

3. Shock! : eg: Your friend has crush on your mom (Here crush is an euphemism for derogatory words). I won’t elaborate this more. One more example of shock is showing a middle finger to a geriatric for no reason.

4. Anticipation of a tragedy: Once you understand the pattern of the comedy, you find the joy in predicting the punchline . You laugh hysterically when the plot exactly turns out to be like you guessed it to be.

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