Ohh Corona, why us!

What could be the objective of Corona Virus?

Maybe it simply intends to have a global presence and it needs a strong host that can act as a safe vehicle.

The virus has chosen us as hosts to grow its presence on every continent. Makes sense!

So far we are doing a good job hosting Corona.

Does that ring a bell?

It took us thousands of years to travel and settle across the globe. Our host? No prizes for guessing. Our super-host happens to be planet Earth! And for thousands of years, we have been burgeoning, mercilessly taking all we can from this planet. And the damage done by us was profound.

Anyway, we have chosen a host that is traveling at breathtaking speeds in the vast expanse of this universe. We are in search of more super- hosts to establish our inter-galactic presence. It is interesting to see how all living beings are programmed in the same manner.

It is interesting to see how we are only a step ahead in this evolutionary journey. The simplest life form on this planet can still challenge our precarious existence.

Maybe, in the long run, lifeforms that can live in harmony with this planet will flourish

Trivia: Ever since the COVID breakout, they say the skies in Shanghai have never been so clear


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