When you don’t remember to remember

I had no clue where I had parked my car in the vast parking lot in the basement of this mall. The only thing I remember was that it was parked next to an MG Hector. As more confusion settled in, I struggled to remember on which basement level my car was parked. It was frustrating. I was thinking about how the staff would assist me with such a problem. How would I even explain it to them like a fool? How often people even face such an issue? Then I recalled that there is an App to address this issue. But it was too late for that. I decided to use brute force. Scan everywhere, like computers search for files. Just walked around like a maniac in random directions to find the MG hector, because of its sheer size. Come to think of it; how we are structured to not remember things. Everything is on the cloud. You don’t need to remember the addresses (thanks to GPS), names, titles, etc. You don’t even need to memorize your best moments. Your memories are on the cloud if you wish to relive them. 10 minutes and a lot of walking later I found my car in the shadow of the red Hector. There was a big pillar number next to it that I did not care to read. But little did I know that all these years I was not conditioned to read or memorize it. 🙂

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