What is the common denominator between Linkedin, Lego bricks, Gyms, and Subway?

What is the common denominator between Linkedin, Lego bricks, Gyms, and Subway?

Let us get started with Subway first. Subway offers mindnumbing combinations of sauces, toppings, and bread to choose from. Most of the time I find an easy way out.

I tell the staff to just add everything after I decide upon veg/non-veg, bread, and my favorite filling. That alone gives me a massive cognitive load to chose from 100 odd combinations! 2(veg/nonveg)X5(bread)X10 (core fillings, paneer, chicken, etc)

Imagine what happens to people who decide to pick and chose until the last ingredient. Since you create your own good, bad or worse experience at a Subway, you are completely responsible for it.

Subway offers you Lego bricks to make your own toy. Not happy with your creation? Don’t blame it on us. Want to make a better toy? Why don’t you visit us often? The same analogy works at gyms.

You create your experience using the available equipment. At Linkedin, I publish content, network with people and consume the content I like. I create my own experience.

Maybe that’s why Lego happens to be one of the leading toy companies.

No one can blame the Lego bricks for their experience unless you step on one! hashtagcustomerexperience hashtagLinkedin hashtagsubway hashtagbusinessmodel hashtagcustomization

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