Search for the meaning or define your own!

What is the meaning of all this? meaning of life? meaning of our existence and universe? Many times our mind is bogged down by these profound questions. Some people end up in the high mountains in pursuit of answers while the majority just end up numbing their minds, give-up and continue with their mundane activities.

Perhaps what disappoints us the most is this blunt answer: there is no meaning! and then turmoil sets in. (Spoiler Alert) Those who have read Scott Adam’s first part of Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy will recall that when the supercomputer arrives at the output for the ultimate meaning for all existence, the answer comes out to be 42.

But leaving aside the confused and those who resort to the mountains, there is a segment of people whom we ignore in our relentless pursuit to find a meaning for life. These are the people who create their own meaning for everything. Perhaps it only needs a little creativity and an open mindset. Maybe a little non-conformist mindset but not necessary.

We have all the elements to create meaning at our disposal. Maybe someone tried to create a meaning 15 billion years ago that manifested into this universe. If someone puts you on a desolate island, you would be forced to create your own meaning as the year’s pass. Perhaps you will build a small hut, worship coconuts and make volleyball your life long companion. Read Cast Awaywp3641907.jpg

For thousands of years, we have been forced to create meaning for ourselves. Sometimes they are giant monuments like the Pyramids. And sometimes it is the relentless pursuit of life goals; running a marathon, becoming a millionaire or retiring in the Carribean. Here is where the boundary between life purpose and meaning blur. Is leading a purposeful life and meaningful life one and the same? maybe. Perhaps a purposeful life is more meaningful. You have been given all the elements to create and recreate meaning for yourself. All we have to do is focus our energies into creating a meaning, instead of chasing it.



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