Suicidal retailing or smart pricing startegy?

How Crossword, (the book store) manages to practice this bold and crazy pricing tactic?

Every time I walk into a Crossword store, I get annoyed seeing the book prices.

They never match online book prices. Never. Period

This seems suicidal in the age of E-tailing. Crossword sells their books as if Flipkart and Amazon don’t exist. Almost all books crossword sells are available at-least at a 30-40% price drop on the online platforms.

For a book lover that I am, it is always a treat to see so many books neatly organized. But seeing all the books sold at their maximum retail prices (MRP) wanes off the impulsive buying bug in me.

Here are a few thoughts that cross my mind every time I walk out of a Crossword store:

Maybe all physical retail stores don’t have to match online retail prices. All you need is “foot-falls”. Especially on prime locations.

Crossword is not for the rational buyer. It provides all the immersive experience until you make an emotional decision.

Or maybe Crossword is really not able to match the prices. When you can’t match the online prices, simply don’t.

Having said that, Crossword is still sustaining in the age of digital.

Trivia: Crossword doesn’t even matchbook prices on their website. This is crazy!

Any thoughts?

#retailing #pricing #strategy

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