Do we have a choice (2)

Sharing Old post from 2018

Have you noticed one peculiar thing around Thugs of Hindostan? The movie didn’t get the marketing it deserved given its perceived loftiness. The trailer has garnered around 80 million views. Just to create a contrast, the new version of “Dilbar Dilbar” on YouTube has 200 million+ views.

Don’t be amazed at my observation,but just saying, were the producers aware of the hard truth that the Movie is just going to fall flat on its face? why waste money on marketing.

Or was it an intelligent move considering that Indian’s would hardly have any choice at the theater this long Diwali weekend. Why market to people who don’t even have a choice. Guess what, Competition laws are not even applicable here.

This is the brute force of late capitalism where you are going to pay for not having a choice. Unlike the early nineties where you did not have to pay for not having a choice. The days of crony capitalism and redtapism: of Bajaj Chetak and Doordarshan. Oops this escalated unnecessarily.

Go enjoy your movie because you don’t have a choice.

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