I want to share a thought which might help us understand and appreciate the significance of God and festivities to a greater degree.

Today morning during the Pooja, I created a Youtube playlist of devotional songs. The very first song I decided to play was “Kaun Hai Voh” from Bahubali – The Beginning. If you have seen the video of this song, you will recall that Prabhas uproots the stone Lingam on the banks of a river and plants it just under a gushing waterfall and yells ” Ab apne prabhu ko roj nahi , har ghadi nehalao” translated to English ” Now bathe your god every moment and not daily”. Later there is a funny dance; no we are not going to judge Prabhas on that dance but here is what our Bahubali has inadvertently done:

Bahubali’s adrenal glands produced so much adrenaline that he was able to shift the Lingam from an easily accessible place to an highly inaccessible place ; under the gushing waterfall and amidst large sharp rocks. The Lingam on the river bank could be worshiped by the young and old alike, but now, they better learn to swim or climb rocks to reach the sculpture. Bahubali’s enthusiasm had clouded his vision to foresee the fact that the commoner will be inconvenienced with his heroic feat.

Moral of the story: Let us keep all the Gods closer in our hearts. All the excitement, chaos and fireworks make them inaccessible to the masses.

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