Many Millenials claim themselves to be non-conformists. They don’t necessarily conform to prevailing ideologies. I happen to be one of them. But if you negate prevailing beliefs and ideologies then you better have some original beliefs and ideologies of your own. I have seen people who are lost and clueless about what they really want to do. Or how life will unfold for them. For such people, lack of hope is ofen results from lack of belief. If you believe in nothing then you probably deserve nothing.

Belief systems can also be stupid. If you think money would lead you to happiness so be it. We simply dismiss simplistic beliefs and tend to lose our trajectory in pursuit of complex belief systems. Hard work leads to prosperity. We all know that hard work results in good things but we see it as too simplistic and hence our mind dismisses that.

And we also shouldn’t be afraid of changing our beliefs as long as newly acquired beliefs lead us to a better life. Many people fail to understand this. We sometimes don’t forgive ourselves when we change our old beliefs. One example is our belief in god. Some people quit believing in god and drift to other beliefs or ideologies. And when the other beliefs betray them they feel too proud to fall back on their belief in god.

Don’t misconstrue beliefs for values. If you have a changing value system then that is dangerous. You might value integrity today but if tomorrow you pick up any conflicting value then you might lose your true self. But beliefs are different. It is ok to be a believer and then an atheist as long at that serves you well and then again become a believer if that suits you. It is ok to believe in communism and then convert to capitalism if that gives you a stronger purpose in life. That’s why some say it doesn’t matter what religion you follow or believe in, you will always be on the righteous track. In a similar manner, in his early days, Bill Gates might have thought of only profits and earning more now he believes in giving more.

A few years back I never believed in accumulating money to lead a secure life. I now believe in having just enough money to lead a purposeful life. I did not believe in the significance of networking and building long term relations but now I believe in that. You have to believe in something. Absence of belief in god should replace some other belief, as long as it keeps to on the track to prosper and live a better life that belief should hold good.

One response to “Beliefs”

  1. Majority of the people in this world live with their own ‘beliefs’ which help them float to some extent, for some time and upto certain distance. For example, beliefs may help someone for a short-term event or to serve a smaller purpose in life like to get a job, to get married, or to win an election, but the very beliefs (which you hold) can’t necessarily make you a successful employee, or a successful spouse, or a successful legislator. You need something greater than a mere belief to attain a higher and more sustainable state in life and that is known as ‘conviction’. Conviction is a result of full, absolute and bright knowledge, not just a piece of information. To get a conviction, we need to diligently test each belief we hold and it takes time. We need to check each theory from all possible angles to arrive at a very healthy and sustainable precept.

    One who simply borrows a belief without testing it in the harsh heat of experiments gets frustrated and one day loses all hope. Any belief is no good. It serves no purpose. A strong conviction is something which we need to develop over a period of time through a series of practical tests and assessments to arrive at a winning and sustainable formula of success.


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